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I have had a binge eating disorder since I was in grade school. Sitting down to eat a family-sized bag of Skittles on my own in one sitting was not unusual for me. Now I know that binging on food, especially sugary food, was…

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Love this spin on Snow White 😍

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Distortions of the female rib-cage caused by corset (1793)

FUCK. NO. That never happened to anyone ever. That isn’t even physically possible and I just. Grrrrrr

It was a theory. They were wrong. There, there now. Everything will be all right. 

I love how people are still taking 100+ year old illustrations as scientific evidence against corset wearing. Seriously? I like to think we’ve progressed a little.

The myths are astounding. There’s some sort of theory also that wearing a corset will help you eat less and therefore you will lose weight.

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Anonymous said: I'm sad because I want a corset but I can't afford one :(

They are certainly on the expensive side! Save as much as you can! Even saving your change can start a corset fund!

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