Distortions of the female rib-cage caused by corset (1793)

FUCK. NO. That never happened to anyone ever. That isn’t even physically possible and I just. Grrrrrr

It was a theory. They were wrong. There, there now. Everything will be all right. 

I love how people are still taking 100+ year old illustrations as scientific evidence against corset wearing. Seriously? I like to think we’ve progressed a little.

The myths are astounding. There’s some sort of theory also that wearing a corset will help you eat less and therefore you will lose weight.

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Anonymous asked: I'm sad because I want a corset but I can't afford one :(

They are certainly on the expensive side! Save as much as you can! Even saving your change can start a corset fund!

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nyamirose asked: I'm selling my corset. How do I package it to be shipped to it's new owner?


Tighten the laces in the back so they’re not loose or tangled, and tie them in a double-bow. Do up the busk; I have seen corsetieres secure the busk two different ways: you can put a rubber-band over the busk pins, or put one busk loop underneath the bone on the other side (although this *might* present a small risk of the one loop getting bent, I’ve not yet had that experience with the corsets I’ve gotten in the mail). The pic below shows what it looks like (it basically looks like a loop is missing, but it’s actually underneath).


Fold the corset neatly, and if your packaging is not already waterproof, then put the corset in a plastic bag for extra protection against the elements.

I have noticed that if the corset is wrapped up nicely in tissue paper, it’s less likely to be opened and manhandled by security when going over a border. :) If your corset is light in color, use white tissue paper so that if it gets wet, the ink won’t bleed onto the corset.

If you don’t have a box, then a bubble mailer should be okay. You may want to write "Please don’t fold or bend" on the mailer. :)

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